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Back in 2012, the audio streaming platform had 15 million users.

Community was at the core of the startup's DNA, and it had to be nurtured.

Content creation
Social Media
Brand Awareness

The job

  • Develop brand awareness through creative initiatives and content curation;

  • Build loyalty within the fast growing community of users;

  • Content creation;

  • Internal events management;

  • Support the Next SoundCloud launch to the Community;

  • Provide support to Pro and Partner accounts (record labels, media...) and develop clear communication around new, unpopular, copyright policies.

Curating content with data

As part of SoundCloud editorial content, the "SoundClouder of the Month" used to be picked randomly.  I started looking into analytics to identify the fastest growing accounts of unknown users (vs. established artists or professional accounts).

Highlighting best practices and original content, it also allowed us to reward the most dedicated users. This is how 1938 News was picked: a non-musical account, new on the platform but with great engagement and a growing number of followers. This user was so happy he spontaneously dedicated a podcast to SoundCloud, making it a strong, genuine piece of content marketing for us.

SoundCloud's first Hackathon

Co-organised this event with a developer to:​

  • Strengthen SoundCloud's position as "coolest startup on the planet" to keep attracting developers

  • Brand awareness – locally (within Berlin's tech scene) and internationally through press coverage


The Results:

  • The event got SoundCloud its best international press coverage that year;

  • Some of the most creative projects created during the hackathon were continued, some others inspired our community of users;

  • Social Media engagement spiked;

  • Team building. This internal event allowed devs and non-devs to collaborate when there used to be a gap between the two.

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