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Pini Group

A new video for a fresh brand image and brand positioning

Video direction and production
Artistic direction

Brenner Base Tunnel BBT SE, Innsbruck. Photo © Pini Group

The project

Pini Group was know in the engineering industry as a 70+ year old family company.
Its new CEO, Andrea Galli, was keen to take the company into a new era: international expansion, diversity, tech-oriented.
To give the brand a new positioning and image, Pini commissioned a video. 

The brief:
Agility, young, passionate, hard-working, fast, precise, innovative.
The video also had to appeal to Engineering students, in particularly female engineers.

Written, produced and directed by Mathilde Menusier
Motion Design:
Christophe Davids
Dancers: Adrien Tan and Valentin Genin (Cie Evolves)

Music & Sound Design: Amplitudo

Creative Direction: Mathilde Menusier, Jannuzzi Smith
Content Coordination: Chiara Forster (Pini Group)

Filming: Samuel Thomas, Pierre Basla

Editing: Christophe Davids, Samuel Thomas, Mathilde Menusier

Pini Group

Photo © Pini Group

The thinking

Pini had provided thousands of photos, videos and working documents from their archive. To create a story out of it, filming fresh footage was necessary but I wanted to stay away from the traditional engineering videos of hyperlapsed drone images.
Dance emerged as an effective and effective way to illustrate Pini's characteristics – agility, hard-work, passion, speed, creativity, precision... – as well as resonating with younger audiences and focusing on the human aspect.

Through people, I wanted to shed some light on the invisible work Pini does. Everyday, we ride through tunnels, bridges, highways without thinking of the years, sometimes decades, of research, calculation, planning, construction, risk management, etc. it took to build those infrastructures. Similarly, dance seems easy but before getting on stage, the few dancers who become professionals have trained several hours every day since childhood.
Hence the leitmotiv: Can you see

Work in progress:

The work


  • Content research,

  • Scripting,

  • Storyboarding,

  • Location scouting,

  • Crew hiring and coordination: motion designer, sound designers, cameramen, video editor, dancers,

  • Budget.

Production & Post-production

  • Filming,  

  • Artistic direction,

  • Editing,

  • Feedback.

Marketing plan

Production of a making-of video to support the marketing plan.

Produced by Mathilde Menusier
Dancers: Adrien Tan and Valentin Genin (Cie Evolves)

Editor: Alex Herboche

© Culture Digitale 2023

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