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LUMA Arles

An experimental cultural centre that questions the relationships between art, culture, environment, human rights & research.

Digital projects

LUMA Tower, designed Frank Gehry

The job

Build the content and communication offer for LUMA, and manage all digital projects.  
LUMA encompasses art and photo exhibitions, dance performances, music festivals, a design & research lab, conferences, an art book fair, education programme, an experimental library, local initiatives, artists residencies, a living archive project, etc.

  • Content strategy & content production 

  • Storytelling 

  • Online & offline communication

  • Social Media & marketing

  • Digital projects management

  • Team recruitment, management & training

To build trust, create awareness and grow our online community, presenting the wide scope of projects, events, activities and shows to everyone was crucial.

I hired both internally and externally to create a content production unit (photoshoots, video production, livestream, copywriting) which allowed us to produce quality content at a fast pace.
I built the communication team and trained my collaborators to produce social media content with specific guidelines and tone of voice.

This allowed to develop a content strategy around the idea of a diary:

  • covering the behind the scenes as well as public events,

  • using new digital channels to reach a wider audience, 

  • giving a voice to all stakeholders (e.g. crane operator),

  • creating a more in-depth content offer for subscribed users, with access to talks, conferences, etc. (see opposite)


Luma Arles
Example of "members only" content. Subscribing is free in order to support data collection.
Photos © LUMA Arles

Closely monitoring insights and analytics allowed me to refine the content strategy over the months and adapt, not only the kind of content to be produced but also each campaign to specific audiences (e.g. locals, youth, international...). 
Hiring a Community Manager was also key to grow our online community and engage with our audiences on social.

I was also invited to join LUMA's Editorial Committee.

Example of videos produced:

Video production

Creative content; programme and project presentations; teasers; interviews; performances and conferences recordings; drone filming; coverage of activities, initiatives, events, etc.; social media content; post-production of archive footage.

Other productions

Posters (national campaigns);
Online communication visual and editorial guidelines; 

  • LUMA new website (2018)

  • LUMA new website (2019)

  • Livestream events

  • Atelier LUMA microsite – World Economic Forum (2020)

  • LUMA Days website (2019)

  • E-shop

  • LUMA mobile app conception

  • Active participation in the digital strategy with all stakeholders (database management, ticketing, content management, analytics...) 

  • Analytics, performance analysis

Digital projects

LUMA Arles_Mathilde Menusier57.jpeg
Project Management example:
LUMA x We Love Green

Project: organising a first-time music event with the Parisian festival We Love Green, for 3,000-4,000 people, in 17 days. ​

  • Online communication, creating a new tone of voice as we targeted a very different audience: landing page, press release, newsletters, social media...

  • Offline communication: event poster, radios, bus shelters, buses, newspapers, flyers, event signage...

  • Branding

  • Marketing campaign

  • Content production (photo, video, interviews...)

  • Working closely with We Love Green for cross- promotion, schedules, visitors' FAQs, etc.

  • Supporting technical teams with the scenography

  • Budget management

  • Ticketing

  • Miscellaneous (e.g. children hearing protection, etc.)

  • Campaign report + post-mortem

Example of promotional content:

Other missions at LUMA included:

  • Building and managing the Communication department

  • Coordinating with all teams: exhibition and events production, partnerships, public mediation, ticketing, LUMA Days, Atelier LUMA, Eco Days, Offprint, shows...

  • Coordinating with external stakeholders: partner events, agencies, freelancers...

  • Marketing

  • Recruiting and training

  • Budget management

  • Team management, mentoring

  • Reporting

I was also a member of the Board of Directors for Les Maisons d'Arles, LUMA's Hospitality component.

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