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Locarno Film Festival

Locarno Film Festival

An international film festival focusing on independent and avant-garde cinema.

Brand image

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The job

Rethinking the communication, editorial and branding strategy as the Festival realised that, over the years, it had moved away from its original focus: Film. 
Making creative narrative and positioning proposals, suggesting strategic partnerships, reviewing communications across channels.

  • Communication strategy

  • Storytelling & Editorial

  • Content Production

  • Social Media

  • Brand image

As a Consultant, I helped the Festival identifying areas of crucial improvement with its:

  • editorial vision; 

  • tone of voice;

  • positioning;

  • brand image;

  • narrative, messages and storytelling across channels and communication materials.

With a strong international background gained from various cultural institutions, I was able to bring a global perspective to the local Swiss team.

I worked closely with the Festival's Artistic Director to draft a new creative approach highlighting films and independent cinema, moving away from sponsors promotion and traditional marketing/communication. 

I also advised the festival on its communication strategy when taking a stance on political events, such as those in Ukraine or Iran.


Locarno Film Festival 2023.jpg

Locarno Film Festival – 2023 Poster


As I was asked to develop an initial train of thought for the content strategy, I created a full map of the Festival to clearly identify:

  • the different content ecosystems and how content will need to move around;

  • the processes in place and the technologies that support the content throughout its lifecycle;

  • the existing marketing approach to content.

Strategic recommendations were made based on this research and on conversations with the in-house Producers and Archivists.

Content production:

  • Videos with interviews to promote the Festival's Artists in Residence;

  • Podcasts to reformat and publish the "24h long talk on the Future of Attention", originally broadcast on Twitch.

Constructive feedback was also provided to external video producers, on new material being produced.

Locarno Film Festival 2023_edited.jpg

My mission with Locarno Film Festival encompassed a wide range of other consulting responsibilities, such as the Festival's brand image, strategic partnerships, institutional communication, and specific Festival-related projects.

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