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English National Ballet

Creating the digital content strategy,
360° digital content campaigns, 
Audience growth & online Community building


Content strategy & production

Community building
Social Media

English National Ballet's Swan Lake in-the-round during rehearsals

The job

ENB is a Charity organisation. As their first Digital Content Manager, I built the digital content strategy across all online channels.

I developed a multi-channel user engagement strategy and implemented innovative digital campaigns and initiatives.

English National Ballet

© English National Ballet

English National Ballet_Mathilde Menusier52.jpeg

Isabelle Brouwers © English National Ballet

The challenges

  • Demystify ballet, often seen as elitist, conservative and cabalistic (Black Swan);

  • Reach and engage broader, younger audiences in new ways;

  • Highlight ENB's diversity while ballet is traditionally seen as a privileged, white art form;

  • Build trust and establish a dialogue between the dancers and "the offices";

  • Advocate for digital and innovative initiatives in a very traditional company;
  • Being a touring company, ENB didn't have its own venue. As conversions took place on venues' websites, we were missing crucial data;

  • Be creative with small budgets (ENB is a Charity organisation).

English National Ballet

© English National Ballet

Building the digital content offer:

  • Set up audiovisual production capabilities (internal/external) to consistently publish quality content across channels;

  • Open the dance studios digitally: live-streamed classes with a dancer commenting, daily social media updates on rehearsals, tours and events, to create a strong relationship with the audience as well as a better understanding of daily life within the Company;

  • Make ballet more accessible and understandable with a focus on giving voice to all artistic staff members, including the  orchestra, to explain the stakes of their activity;
  • Launch ENB's Snapchat channel as well as initiatives such as InstaMeets with influencers to reach new audiences;
  • Contribute to ENB's new website creation to align the platform with the content vision;
  • Focus on social engagement to grow content interactions;

  • Work with venues to align digital communication and content marketing efforts;

  • Work with Facebook, Google Cultural Institute and Snapchat to optimise campaigns on social channels, experimenting with the latest trends.

  • Performances analysis, reporting.

Case study:
Akram Khan's Giselle

Commissioned by ENB to Akram Khan, one of the most celebrated and respected dance artists of today, this contemporary version of the greatest Romantic ballet premiered in Manchester in September 2016.
English National Ballet

© English National Ballet

Defining and structuring the overall content and social media strategies;


Creation and management of a dedicated microsite + landing webpage;

Social Media strategy and campaigns;

Working closely with the Akram Khan company, freelance creators and ENB’s stakeholders.

Content production:

  • 30+ videos including production trailers, short documentary, interviews of the creative team and dancers;

  • 10+ photoshoots;

  • Podcasts;

  • Performances recordings;

  • Editorial content (programme, blog, newsletters...);

  • Social Media strategy.

Microsite: 360,000+ views


Videos: 6.5M+ views


Blog: 20,000+ views


Social audience: + 28% 


ENB website: + 52% sessions

+ 40.1% users

+ 47% page views

compared to previous year

Sold out performances

The results (Jul.-Nov. 2016):

Video production for Akram Khan's Giselle 

Worked on the below productions, in addition to ENB's activities and special events:

© English National Ballet

© Culture Digitale 2023

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