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CyberPeace Institute


Project Management
Product launch

Above All Else by Mariah Jochai, commissioned as part of the art project: "Imagine CyberPeace"

Creating awareness about cyber criminality whilst positioning the then one-year old NGO in terms of brand identity, communication and content strategy. 

Artworks commissioned as part of the art project: "Imagine CyberPeace"

CyberPeace Institute

(1) Brand identity and Brand positioning project conducted with Creative agency Jannuzzi Smith (London). It hasn't been implemented due to internal issues.

(2) Agency: The Content Engine

The Job

  • Virtual events production (including a 4-hour long event with 30+ speakers + Metaverse propositions)

  • Product launch

  • Band identity (1)

  • Project Management

  • Content production (2)

  • Digital communication 

  • Social Media

  • Digital Marketing

  • Analytics reports

Consulting on:

  • Marketing campaigns for the Institute (Twitch, Discord, Clubhouse) and new social platforms 

  • Website redesign

Also volunteered to help tracking and analysing cyberattacks linked to the war in Ukraine (March-May 2022).

Analytical Report

CyberPeace Institute

CyberPeace Institute's first analytical report. Designed by Jannuzzi Smith

Example of videos produced with The Content Engine

Brand Awareness

Reaching new audiences and make youth aware of cyber threats was one of the great challenges. 

I pitched an "Art campaign" to bring better illustrations of cyber peace and cyber security, and make the topic more attractive and more accessible to the general public. 

  • Imagine Cyberpeace

Commission visual creators around the world to illustrate what cyberpeace meant to them. Their artworks were presented during CyberPeace Institute's first annual meeting, where a real-time graphic designer illustrated the virtual event (see below).

  • Art campaign

At the end of my contract, I presented a marketing campaign around art, involving art schools across Europe, a contest and a series of partnerships. 

CyberPeace Institute

Live artwork created by Stephanie Crowley Papaioanu during CyberPeace Institute's first Annual Meeting 

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